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Dining, Customer Service, the View, the Best of Everything for our Guests.

As you proceed from the entrance and through the bar towards the dining area, you will have a large, wide panoramic view of Tokyo from the main dining area.
Enjoy a fine dining experience in a traditional classic American steakhouse that sets itself apart with its modern interior.
We serve American steak, an exquisite delicate cuisine with Japan’s four seasons in mind..
 Please try our special dry aging steak and seafood, which are stored in our dedicated aging locker.


At Prime42, our guests can enjoy the highest quality, carefully aged T-bone steaks in the city.
Our signature dish, “The Cut 42”, features two different steaks, dry-aged and wet-aged.
You can clearly taste the flavor difference even though they are from the same cut.
Both steaks are charcoal-grilled with precision and care, bringing out the absolute Umami of the beef.


Under the strict guidelines of the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture), the “PRIME” grade level can only be awarded to the highest quality beef.
We selectively use product from Greater Omaha of Nebraska, which has a proven record of shipping PRIME grade beef.
At Prime 42, our head chef himself meticulously manages our dry-aging cellar, one of the largest in-house cellars in Japan.
Our beef is aged with careful consideration given to the seasons, and other minute factors.
In addition to *dry-aged steaks, guests can also enjoy our wet-aged steak selections.

* Dry-Aging = A meat aging method that allows for the surface of the meat to dry.
The natural enzymes in the meat break down the connective tissue in the muscles, making the beef tender and creating more amino acid, which is described as Umami.


Our restaurant is located on the 42nd floor of a major skyscraper in the heart of Tokyo and features a superb view of the city’s most famous landmark towers, Tokyo Tower and Sky Tree.
On a clear day, Mount Fuji can also be seen in the distance.
Our spectacular panoramic view will certainly add to your memorable dining experience.


Greater Omaha’s American Beef is raised with premium feed, such as corn and soybeans, harvested from the fertile soil of Nebraska.
For generations, farmers in Nebraska have maintained the highest quality by raising their cattle with individual care, and in the best environment.
At Prime42, we have partnered with the State of Nebraska to bring the finest quality ingredients to Tokyo from the Bread Basket of the U.S.